Welcome to my blog!

After blogging for a while on https://blog.netinfluence.ch, in French, I wanted to start writing in English too. Hence this blog! I will continue publishing articles on both, though. They will have different topics and approaches. Here, I will try to dig into more advanced Symfony topics.

Being a personal blog, you may also find opinion posts about web development or software engineering, in general.
On “Talks” page, I will post all my slides from past conferences, and upcoming events I will speak to.

I wanted a minimalistic but not austere design. I don’t quite like meaningless stock photos, so being a hiking addict, I will use some personal photos to illustrate here and here. So you can enjoy the view too :)

Later on, I may add Disqus comments.
Meanwhile, the discussion continues on Twitter or you can drop me an e-mail at romaric.drigon@gmail.com

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it,